Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the procedure for getting a student fellowship ?

Ans: The WINE 2017 organizing committee would like to announce monetary fellowships to student registrants. Students who have already registered should apply for the fellowship before "November 22, 2017" by sending an email to with the following information:

Q2.: How do I get an invitation letter for my travel and visa purposes?

Ans: We recommend that as soon as you register and pay the registration fee, please e-mail us with the following information @ You will receive a PDF printable file on WINE2017 letterhead as an email attachment.

Q3.Is Wi-Fi Provided?

Ans: Free (limited bandwidth) Wi-Fi is available in the main meeting areas and in all the conference venues. However, due to the limited bandwidth, Wi-Fi is not recommended for use by exhibitors for their displays/presentations. Free Wi-Fi is also available in the Rooms in Hotel Le Meridien.

Q4.I have special needs (dietary, mobility, etc.). How can I inform you of them?

Ans: Please feel free to contact us @ We will make every effort to meet your specific needs.

Q5.Is there transport available from Hotel Meridien to the IISc Campus and back?

Ans:Yes, definitely. We are arranging free transport from the Hotel to the conference venue in the IISc campus in the morning everyday. Free transport will be available in the reverse direction as well after the sessions get over. The distance between Le Meridien and IISc campus is slightly less than 3 miles (slightly less than 5 km).

Q6.How about Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

Ans:Those of you staying in Le Meridien will get complimentary breakfast. Those of you staying at other venues will have to make your own arrangements for breakfast. We will provide a list of options for you when you arrive at the conference. Free lunch is available on all the days. You will have to make your own arrangements for Dinner.

Q7.Will I get any assistance if I want to plan on sightseeing and shopping?

Ans:Oh yes, definitely. We will have a travel desk at the conference venue to assist you with any plans for sightseeing and shopping.

Q8.Am I required to get any vaccination ahead of my journey?

Ans:Not really unless there is an official advisory from your Government or travel agent.

Q9.How will the weather be in Bangalore during the conference dates? Do I need special clothing?

Ans:The weather will be most pleasant. The temperatures will be in the range of 15 Degree Celsius (minimum) to 30 Degrees Celsius (maximum). Showers are unlikely.

Q10.How far is the IISc Campus from the Bangalore Airport? How far is Hotel Le Meridien from the Airport?

Ans:The IISc campus is about 25 km from the Airport and the Hotel is also about 25 km from the Airport. The travel time by cab is about 45 minutes. The distance between IISc campus and Le Meridien is 5 km.

Q11.What does the registration fee include?

Ans:The registration fee includes all of the following:

Q12. Is it mandatory to stay in Hotel Le Meridien?

Ans:No. We have a group booking arrangement with Le Meridien who have offered highly competitive prices for accommodation. We also have a shuttle arrangement between the Hotel and the conference venue. For more cost-effective options, please click on the links below for more information:

Other options are :

For concerns and other queries, please feel free to contact the local organizers at