Enabling and Empowering Farmers through AI and Game Theory

We are working with NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development), Government of India, to develop algorithms to help farmers. These algorithms will be powered by Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory principles. We are looking into three problems:

(1) PREPARE (Predcting Prices in Agriculture): Using deep learning based models to predict agricultural crop prices, taking into account, both supply side and demand side features

(2) ACRE (Agriculture Crop Recommendation Engine): Recommend the best mixed strategy of crops to maximize revenue and minimize risk for the farmers

(3) SAMAGRA (Socially Aligned Marketplace for Agriculture Agents): Using mechanism design to create marketplaces that maximize social welfare for farmers and consumers.

Our team consists of:

  • Y. Narahari
  • Mayank Ratan Bhardwaj (Ph.D. Student)
  • Inavamsi Enaganti (Project Associate)
  • Deepanshu (M.Tech. (CSE) Student)
  • Azal Fatima (M.Tech. (CSE) Student)
  • Meghnath Singh (M.Tech. (AI) Student)
  • Rohit Patel (M.Tech. (CSE) Student)
  • P. Sowjanya (M.Tech. (AI) Student)
  • Vaidehi Bhaskara (Research Intern)