Masters (Research)

Vishakha Patil

Current Position: PhD Student, CSA Department, IISc

Thesis Title: Achieving Fairness in the Stochastic Multi-armed Bandit Problem
Year of Graduation: 2019

Vishakha is a second year PhD student in the Computer Science and Automation Department at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Her research interests include Online Learning and Optimization, Game Theory, and Mechanism Design. She is currently working on questions in the areas of Algorithmic Fairness, Causal Inference, and Online Learning. Her work is supported by a Google Ph.D. Fellowship. Previously, she completed her M.Tech. (Research) from CSA, IISc in July 2019 under Prof. Narahari’s guidance with a thesis titled ‘Achieving Fairness in the Stochastic Multi-armed Bandit Problem’.

Shivika Narang

Current Position: PhD Student, Game Theory Lab, CSA

Thesis Title: Design of Trusted Market Platforms using Permissioned Blockchains and Game Theory
Year of Graduation: 2018

She is a PhD student, and recipient of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Research Scholarship at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, where she is a member of the Game Theory Lab. She is being advised by Prof Y Narahari. Her broad research interests are Algorithmic Game Theory and Approximation Algorithms. Her current work is focused on matchings. Specifically, she is studying the intersection of stability, incentive compatibility and various fairness notions for matching settings.

Sneha Mondal

Thesis Title: A Referral reward Embedded Bi-Phase Information Diffusion Technique for Social Networks.
Year of Graduation: November 2017.

Sneha Mondal is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Labs, Bangalore. Her research interests include machine learning, data science, and data analytics.

Aritra Chatterjee

Thesis Title: Analysis of Thompson Sampling for the Stochastic Sleeping Bandit Problem.
Year of Graduation: September 2017

Aritra completed his M.Sc. (Engineering) in 2017 and published a paper in the conference Uncertainty in artificial Intelligence (UAI 2017). His research interests include machine learning, data science, and game theory.

Udaya Lakshmi

Thesis Title: Mechanism Design Problems in Carbon Economics.
Year of Graduation: April 2012

Udaya Lakshmi completed her M.Sc. (Engineering) in 2012 and worked in the area of mechanism design for incentivising carbon reduction.  Her research interests include game theory and mechanism design.

Sunil Sitaram Shelke

Current Position: Assistant Professor of CE, Pillai College of Engineering, Panvel

Thesis Title: A Novel Game Theoretic and Voting Mechanism Based Approach for Carbon Emissions Reduction
Year of Graduation: April 2011

Sunil completed his MSc(Engg) in the year 2011. His thesis focussed on voting mechanism based approaches for the reduction of GHG emissions. Since then he has been a faculty of Computer Science & Engineering and has taught at various engineering institutions of repute in Maharashtra.

Ramakrishnan Kannan

Current Position: Group Leader – Discrete Algorithms, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Thesis Title: A Nash Bargaining Model for Bid Optimization in Sponsored Search Auctions.
Year of Graduation: November 2008

Ramakrishnan Kannan is the group leader for Discrete Algorithms at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research expertise is in distributed machine learning and graph algorithms on HPC platforms and their application to scientific data, focusing on accelerating scientific discovery by reducing computation time from weeks to seconds. He was the lead for DSNAPSHOT for a COVID-19 project, which is a finalist for the esteemed Association of Computing Machinery’s Gordon Bell Award in 2021, and listing Summit in 3rd place on Graph500 benchmark using the fewest resources; this is the first time an OLCF system has ranked in Graph500. He has been awarded over $2.8M in research funding from various agencies for solving algorithmic problems on HPC platforms. Additionally, he has been the project lead for over $1 million in Department of Defense projects. With over 24 patents issued in USPTO, he was an IBM Master Inventor. He graduated with a Ph.D. under the advice of Professor Haesun Park from Georgia Institute of Technology and M.Sc (Engg.) from the Indian Institute of Science under the guidance of Professor Y. Narahari.

Karthik Subbian

Current Position: Principal Scientist, Amazon Inc., Seattle, Washington

Thesis Title: Design of Incentive Compatible Mechanisms for Software Services.
Year of Graduation: April 2008

Karthik Subbian is a principal scientist at Amazon with more than 18 years of industry experience. He leads a team of scientists and engineers to improve search quality and trust. He was a research scientist and lead at Facebook, before coming to Amazon, where he had led a team of scientists and engineers to explore information propagation and user modeling problems using the social network structure and its interactions. Earlier to that, he was working at IBM T.J. Watson research center in the Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences division. His areas of expertise include machine learning, information retrieval, and large-scale network analysis. More specifically, semi-supervised and supervised learning in networks, personalization and recommendation, information diffusion, and representation learning. He holds a masters degree from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, both in computer science. Karthik has won numerous prestigious awards, including the IBM Ph.D. fellowship, best paper award at Siam Data Mining (SDM) conference 2013 and Informs Edelman laureate award 2013.

Hastagiri Vanchinathan

Current Position: Director, AI at Sharechat labs

Thesis Title: A Mechanism Design Approach for Resource Procurement in Computational Grids with Rational Resource Providers.
Year of Graduation: October 2006.

Hasta graduated from the lab in 2006 with an M.Sc (Engg.) degree. After a stint in working on search and search advertising at and Yahoo! India, he went on to do his PhD in Machine Learning from ETH Zurich where he defended his thesis titled “Learning to Recommend: Interactive Learning with Limited Feedback”. Since then, he has worked on large scale recommender systems problems in startups (1plusX) and large research labs (Facebook AI Research). He is currently based out of London and is heading feed ranking at Sharechat – an Indian unicorn social media company

Ramasuri Narayanam

Current Position: Senior Research Scientist, Adobe Labs - Bengaluru

Thesis Title: Design of Incentive Compatible Mechanisms for Broadcast in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks: A Game Theoretic Approach
Year of Graduation: 2006

Ramasuri Narayanam is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Adobe labs, Bengaluru. Until September 2021, he was a Senior Research Scientist at IBM Research – India with about 10 years of experience in developing Artificial Intelligence driven novel analytics solutions and technologies to tackle business problems arising in sectors such as telcos, retail, and in technology domains such as social media, business workflow analytics, log analytics, etc. Ramasuri has built up an IP portfolio of over 30 peer-reviewed research articles and 31 USPTO granted patents. He is IEEE Senior Member and ACM Distinguished Speaker. He has several awards to his credit such as IBM Master Inventor, and Best Ph.D. Thesis Award.

K. N. Rajanikanth

Current Position: Associate Professor, BMS College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Thesis Title: Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Radar Simulation Software.
Year of Graduation: July 2003

Rajanikanth Kashi Nagaraj holds a BE (Electronics) degree from BMS College of Engineering, MSc (Engg) from Dept of CSA, IISc, and a PhD (CS) from IIIT Bangalore. Currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, he previously worked with Dayananda Sagar University (Computer Science), Honeywell Technology Solutions (CNS, Aerospace), Aeronautical Development Agency (Avionics), Wipro Systems (Telecom) and Bharath Electronics Ltd (Military Communication). He is an INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional and member of the Aeronautical Society of India, Computer Society of India, ISTE, and holds four granted US patents, one European and one Chinese patent. Current research interests are in the areas of Avionics Systems and Embedded Systems.

Pankaj Dayama

(External Registrant from IBM Research, Bangalore)
Current Position: Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Research

Thesis Title: Design of Electronic Exchanges through Decomposition
Year of Graduation: 2003

Pankaj Dayama is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Research India. He leads the Blockchain and AI for Supply Chain Collaboration group at IBM Research. His research interests are broadly in the areas of AI, Applied Cryptography, Blockchain, and Game Theory with specific focus on Supply Chain Management and Industrial Applications.

Dinesh Garg

Current Position: Senior Researcher, IBM India Research Lab, Bangalore

Thesis Title: Design of Six Sigma Supply Chains
Year of Graduation: 2002

Dinesh is currently a Senior Researcher at IBM India Research Lab, Bangalore. His recent areas of research include Knowledge Representation, Machine Reasoning, Automated Question Answering, NLP, and Deep Learning. Earlier, he had worked in the areas of Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Supply Chains, Online Advertising. He completed his M.Sc. (Engg.) and PhD. degrees from CSA, IISc in 2006.

Dinesh has held different positions with other industrial labs and academia in the past, including Scientist at Yahoo! Labs, Bangalore and Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. Both His Masters Thesis and his Doctoral Thesis were awarded the Best Thesis Prize at the Indian Institute of Science, Department of Computer Science and these theses resulted in two Best paper Prizes in IEEE Transactions of automation Science and Engineering.

Sourav Sen

Thesis Title: Scaling the Performance of Web Servers with a Greedy Data Buffering and Caching Strategy
Year of Graduation: May 2002

Sourav has over 19 years of software development experience in enterprise storage and networking industry.

Shantanu Biswas

Current Position: Tech Lead, Learning and Knowledge Management, Accenture Labs, Bangalore

Thesis Title: Object-Oriented Modeling  for decision  support in Supply Chains
Year of Graduation: 1999

Shantanu Biswas is currently Research Lead at Accenture Labs, Bangalore. He was earlier working in Infosys SETlabs. His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Game Theory.

A. Rajagopal

Thesis Title: IMAGINE: An Intelligent Electronic Marketplace
Year of Graduation: June 2001

Rajagopal is a software professional with two decade of experience in technical and leadership roles in Intel, Wipro Information Technology, and Cognizant Technologies.

Meenakshisundaram Chintamani

Current Position: Principal Engineer, Cloud Solution Architect, Intel Corporation, Oregan, USA

Thesis Title: Integrated Analytical Models for Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, October 1990.

Meenakshisundaram (Sundaram) Chinthamani is currently a Principal Engineer and a cloud solution architect in Intel corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. He has been with Intel for over 22 years serving as a PnP (Performance and Power) lead architect for various server processors and TCO analysis. Performance Lead for all the products in Xeon-Phi Product line. He has deep expertise in predicting performance through analytical and simulation models, pre-silicon/post-silicon performance validation/debug and software performance tuning. Strong background and extensive experience in Xeon server architecture and micro-architecture and has lately specialized in the fields of high-performance computing, machine learning and deep learning. He holds 10 issued patents in US, co-authored and presented two Hot chips presentations and has published extensively in Intel-internal architecture and design conferences. Sundaram holds a PhD in computer architecture from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and has a Masters and Bachelors degrees, both from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), India, in computer science.

Prior to Intel, Sundaram also worked as a networking traffic performance analyst in Bell Northern Research in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

K. Sooryanarayana Aithal

Thesis Title: Modeling and Analysis of Industrial Design and Fabrication Processes
Year of Graduation: July 1998

Aithal is a senior scientist the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bangalore.