Masters (Coursework)

Abhijit Chaudhary

Current Position: Founder and CEOFounder and CEO, Niral Networks

Abhishek Kumar Chaudhary

Current Position: Mtech. Coursework Student

Abhishek has completed his B-Tech in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. After that he worked for 2 years in industry. He is currently pursuing M-Tech in CSA with interest in AI/ML and Game theory and Mechanism Design. He likes cycling, skate-boarding and gymming in his free time.

Jaydeep Pawar

Current Position: MTech CSA

Jaydeep is currently pursuing his MTech (Computer Science and Automation) in IISc Bangalore (2021-23) and he had completed his BTech (CSE) from KJSCE (2017-21). Jaydeep genuinely enjoys working in the field of Machine Learning. He loves to draw insight from data and to build actionable solutions. Jaydeep had secured AIR 1 in GATE 2021 and had cleared TIFR 2021 written exam.

Kishan Mittal

Current Position: MTech CSA

Born and raised in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, completed bachelors from SGSITS,Indore and currently pursuing masters from IISc Bengaluru. Main topic of interests include Machine Learning, Deep learning and also very much interested in Data Structures and Algorithms.

Sneha Negi

Current Position: MTech CSA coursework student

I am Currently Pursuing my Masters in Computer Science and Automation from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. My research interests fall in the amalgamation of Game Theory, Mechanism Design, and Artificial Intelligence techniques. Currently I am Working on the problem of finding optimal auction methods to help Farmers Associations procure seeds and other fertilizers at min Possible cost under the guidance of Prof Y.Narhari.

Kaushik Kukadiya

Current Position: Second Year M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence) Student

Kaushik is an M-Tech(2021-23) Artificial Intelligence student at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is a Game Theory Lab member, and his project advisor is Prof. Y. Narahari. He completed his Bachelor of Technology Degree in Electrical Engineering from SVNIT, Surat. His academic interests include Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Chaitanya Chennam

Current Position: MTech AI

Chaitanya is currently pursuing MTech (2021-2023) in Artificial Intelligence at Indian Institute of Science .He is curious about finding solutions to real time applications that involve both Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence.

Meghnath Singh

Current Position: Second Year M.Tech. (AI) Student

Topic: Visual Analytics Based Grading and Yield Estimation for Agricultural Crops

Meghnath Singh is an M-Tech(2020-22) Artificial Intelligence student at the Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is a Game Theory Lab member, and his project advisor is Prof. Y. Narahari. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from Government Engineering College Bilaspur. His academic interests include Game theory and Mechanism Design, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.


Current Position: Second Year M.Tech. (CSE) Student

Topic: Agricultural Crop Price Prediction using Deep Learning Models

Deepanshu has completed his B.Tech (CSE) from IPU affiliated college in Delhi. He is currently pursuing his M.Tech at IISc in CSA department. He is interested towards ML and AI; and loves building ML models and doing coding.

Rohit Patel

Current Position: Second Year M.Tech. (CSE) Student

Topic: ACRE: Agricultural Crop Recommendation Engine

Rohit Patel – Rohit currently pursuing MTech in Computer Science and Engineering from CSA, IISc Bangalore(2020-22). He has completed his Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from M.I.T.S. Gwalior(2016-20). Rohit is interested to work in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Rohit is currently working as an intern in Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore for a period of two months(June’21 – August’21). As an intern, he is working with the Intelligent Apps and Solution team who are trying to provide a privacy features(Alt Z) in their phones for their customers. Rohit has secured an AIR-118 in GATE CSE 2020.

Sowjanya Pidathala

Current Position: Second Year M.Tech. (AI) Student

Topic: Design and Implementation of an AIML Pipeline for Agriculture

I am Sowjanya, I pursued my B. Tech in IIIT Nuzvid, RGUKT in Electronics Communication. Now I am 2 nd year M. Tech student in Artificial intelligence in IISC bangalore.

Azal Fatima

Current Position: Second Year M.Tech. (CSE) Student

Topic: Design of Auctions and Markets for Farmer Producer Organisations

Azal Fatima is currently pursuing M.Tech in Computer Science and Automation at IISc, Bangalore. She is a career enthusiast and is passionate about finding ways to make use of technology for solving real life problems. She is basically interested in searching out methods to use ML/AI and Game theory for social good. She is deeply in love with knowledge and is always curious to know more. Azal likes to spend most of her spare time listening to music, singing, sketching and cooking.

Bazil Ahmed

Current Position: AI Engineer, Cradlewise

Topic: Design of Fair Auctions: A Deep Learning Approach. July 2021.

Bazil completed his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from University School of Information, Communication and Technology, Delhi (USICT) in 2018. He joined for M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence, IISc in 2019. His research interest lies in the field of Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Game Theory, and Mechanism Design. He is currently working on design of Fair Auctions using a deep learning approach as an extension of his M.Tech project.

K.S. Shivanjali

Current Position: Data Scientist, Tarxya Limited

Topic: A Novel Hybrid Group Testing Method for Covid-19. July 2021.

Someshwar Arnoorla

Current Position: Post Graduate Engineer Trainee - Tata Advanced Systems

Topic: Agricultural Crop Price Prediction using Transformer Encoder Based Wide and dep Networks. July 2021.

Mayank Singh

Topic: Algorithms for Multi Robot Exploration using Potential games. July 2020.

Mayank Singh is working as software developer contributing to Oracle’s Java Virtual Machine. He got his Master’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering from Indian Institute of Science in 2019. His hobby is to solve puzzles and learn new mathematical concepts.

Saloni Bansal

Current Position: Data Scientist at

Topic: Resource Allocation For Enhanced Campus Security Using Stackelberg Games. July 2020.

Saloni received her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science degree from Miranda House, University of Delhi, in 2017. Post that she joined IISc and did her Masters with the thesis titled “Resource Allocation For Enhanced Campus Security Using Stackelberg Games”. She is currently working as a Data Scientist in US based startup Her current work areas are statistics, machine learning and deep learning.

Komal Rathod

Current Position: Data Scientist, nference

Topic: Urban Water Markets based on Auctions and Blockchain Technology. July 2020.

Komal Rathod completed her masters in Computer Science from IISc, Bengaluru in the year 2019. Her thesis work focussed on building auction mechanisms for digitised water markets. Currently she is working as a Data Scientist at nference. Her interests lie in solving meaningful real-life problems through the knowledge of Computer Science. She strongly believes that education is a powerful tool in bringing long-term social impacts and in upliftment of a society.

Raj Rajvir Bipinkumar

Current Position: Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Topic: A Novel Approach for Regret Reduction in Correlated Bandits. July 2019.

Raj worked on Multi Armed Bandits for his MTech Thesis. His interest domains are Game Theory and Stochastic Modellling

Nitish Sandhu

Current Position: Application Engineer, Directi

Topic: Design and Implementation of Blockchain Based Smart Contracts for Procurement and Crowdsourcing Markets. July 2018.

Nitish Sandhu was born in Hamirpur, H.P., spent some early childhood years there, then moved to Kurukshetra, Haryana at the age of 10. He completed his schooling at APS Kurukshetra. He was interested in Mathematics in school and so choose non-medical after 10th. He completed B.Tech. from NIT Kurukshetra, batch-2015, after which he joined IISc in 2016, and did his M.Tech project in Game Theory. Post masters he is working at Directi Bangalore.

Priyanka Gandhara

Current Position: Sr. Software Engineer at Qualcomm Hyderabad

Topic: A Novel Multi-Armed Bandit Mechanism for Enhancing the Performance of Online Educational Forums. July 2017.

Priyanka worked on Multi-Armed Bandit approach for enhancing student learning and participation through online discussion forums. She designed a UCB based algorithm to recommend an optimal mixed strategy of marks for the instructor which maximizes the effectiveness of the course by maximizing the sum of utility of the students.

Neeraj Balotia

Current Position: Senior Engineer, Western Digital

Topic: A Two Phase Approach for the Influence Limitation Problem in Social Networks. July 2017.

I am Neeraj Balotia , currently working as Senior Engineer, Western Digital Bangalore. I am part of software development team, responsible for front end and back end application development.
I have done M.E/M.Tech in CSE from IISc Bangalore, under the guidance of Prof. Y. Narahari Sir ( 2015-2017).

Amleshwar Kumar

Current Position: Associate Quant at Goldman Sachs

Topic: Design of Coalition Resistant Credit Score Functions for Online Discussion Forums. July 2017 (BSc (Research) Student, IISc)

Amlesh is a quantitative strategist in Structured Credit Trading Group at Goldman Sachs. At Goldman, he’s involved in fast moving projects in mathematical finance. His interest lies in the study of numerical techniques and designing pricing models for exotic derivatives. In his current role, he is responsible for both pricing and risk modelling sourcing/deployment funding trades done by the Structured Credit Trading Desk.

Manohar Maddineni

Topic: Coordinated Online Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing. July 2016.

Oruganti Sudhir Babu

Topic: Design of Incentives and Resource Allocation in Geosensing Applications. July 2016.

Shaifali Gupta

Current Position: Machine learning engineer at Expedia

Topic: Multi-Campaign Influence Maximiazation in Social Networks. July 2015.

Shaifali joined the IISc M.E program in year 2013 and did her major in Game theory under Prof. Y Narahari in the year 2014-15. Her thesis explored the Multi channel influence maximization using cross-entropy method. She joined an e-commerce startup after graduating, in the Data team which dealt in areas like customer personalisation and organic search. Currently working at Expedia, which is a Tech company in Travel domain, in the Data Science team building business intelligence solutions.

Surabhi Akotiya

Current Position: Computer Scientist - Adobe

Topic: Multi-Phase Information Diffusion in Social Networks. July 2015.

Surabhi is currently working as a Computer Scientist at Adobe. Prior to this, she was working as Software Engineer at Intel. She recieved her M.E. in 2015 from CSA, IISc

B. Sajith

Topic: A Simulation Tool for Proframance Analysis of Multi-Armed Bandit Mechanisms and Algorithms. July 2015.

Ganesh Sambhaji Ghalme

Current Position: Postdoc, Game Theory Group, Technion, Israel

Topic: Multi-Armed Bandit Mechanisms for Crowdsourcing, June 2014

Ganesh is a post-doctoral researcher at the Game Theory Group, Technion, Israel. He completed his PhD from the lab in June 2020. He is interested in the problems at the intersection of machine learning and game theory. Specifically the strategic manipulation of learning algorithms under uncertain environment. These problems include multi-armed bandits mechanisms, fairness in machine learning and learning with strategic agents (strategic classification, for instance).

Santosh Srinivas Karrotu

Current Position: Senior Software Engineer, Oracle India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Topic: Resource Allocation Algorithms for Cloud Computing Platforms with Strategic Agents. July 2015.

At Oracle, he works on building the framework and technology for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and also responsible for migrating EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He has a passion for designing and implementing algorithms. He mentors budding engineers and helps them advance their career. When not at work, he plays with his daughter, Sonakshi.

K. Afsal

Topic: A Simulation Tool for Crowdsourcing Platforms. July 2014.

Priyanka Bhatt

Current Position: Sr. Manager, Data Science, Walmart Global Tech

Topic: A Stackelberg Game Approach for Improving Instructor-Student Interactions in Online Educational Forums. July 2014.

Priyanka Bhatt is a Senior Manager, Data Science at Walmart Global Tech, with extensive experience in driving and building scalable data-centric products and strategies. She has worked on challenging data and scalability problems as part of the Voice-Commerce, Display-Targeting and Affiliate-Marketing teams at Walmart Labs. Her work spans across: NLP, user modeling, recommendation systems, bidding, budget allocation, forecasting, optimization and building scalable systems. Her work has been published in top-tier Game Theory and ML conferences (AAAI’15, WWW’18) and she has been an invited speaker at multiple academic and industry conferences like WSDM’19, Fifth Elephant’18, AI & Big Data Expo’19.

Arpita Biswas

Current Position: Harvard CRCS Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Topic: A Novel Budgeted Multi-Armed Bandit Mechanism, June 2014

Presently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Research on Computation and Society (CRCS), John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Harvard University. My broad areas of interest include Algorithmic Game Theory, Optimization, and Machine Learning. I have worked on a wide range of problems, including multi-agent learning, fair division, incentive mechanism in application to real-world scenarios such as intervention planning for public health programs, resource allocation, online crowdsourcing, dynamic pricing in transportation, and ride sharing. My long-term goal as a researcher is to help provide decision support solutions to socially impactful problems.

I was recently invited to speak at the annual Rising Star event at 53rd Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) 2021.  I received a Harvard CRCS Fellowship towards my postdoctoral research at Harvard University. For my Ph.D. work, I have been selected for the Best Thesis Prize in the Department of CSA for the Academic Year 2020-21 and also for the Best Thesis Prize by the Indian National academy of Engineering (INAE).

Akanksha Meghlan

Current Position: Software Engineer at Microsoft

Topic: Preference Modelling and Aggregation in Social Networks. July 2014.

Akanksha Meghlan is currently working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft where she is involved in optimizing and enhancing the query optimizer of one of the mega scale Azure databases. She has an experience of 6 years working on big data analytical engines with focus on performance improvements with organizations like SAP Labs, Oracle Labs and now Microsoft. She has publications in VLDB 2017 along with patents on some of the functionalities that she worked upon. She keeps herself updated with the ongoing research work in the DBMS and Big data community in order to devise new approaches to solve critical problems in Modern Database Management Systems.

Arupratan Ray

Topic: Prior-Free Mechanism Design for Multi-Unit Reverse Auctions. July 2014.

Palash Dey

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Topic: Asymptotic Manipulability of Strategic Voting Rules, July 2013

Palash Dey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Prior to this, he was an INSPIRE post-doctoral faculty fellow at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. He works broadly in the theoretical computer science and particularly in algorithmic game theory. He has completed his Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore under the supervision of Prof. Y. Narahari and Prof. Arnab Bhattacharyya.

His Ph.D. thesis won the prestigious ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2017 as well as the Best Ph.D. Thesis award from the Department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA), IISc.

Debmalya Mandal

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University

Topic: A Novel Ex-Post Truthful Mechanism for Multi-Slot Sponsored Search Auctions, July 2013

Debmalya Mandal is a postdocstoral research scientist at Columbia Data Science Institute. He graduated with a PhD in computer science from Harvard University under the guidance of Prof. David C. Parkes. His research interests include computational social choice, information elicitation, algorithmic fairness, and machine learning theory.

Dilpreet Kaur

Topic: Incentive Compatible Mechanisms for Power Cut Allocation in Smart Grids, July 2013.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Topic: Design of Strategies for Naval Surveillance using Security Games. July 2013.

Ashotosh Verma

Topic: Location Based Crowdsourcing Mechanisms and Simulation on Realistic Data Sets, July 2012

Ratul Roy

Topic: Truthful Mechanisms for Accurate Prediction of Object Quality through Multi-Level Social Networks, July 2012.

Sourav Medya

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Topic: A Game Theoretic Approach to Influence Limitation Problems, July 2012.

Sourav is a research assistant professor at Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern Institute of Complex Systems (NICO). His research is broadly at the intersection of network science, data (graph) mining, and applied machine learning. The applications and methods come from different areas such as computer science, operations research, and computational social science. His current research also focuses on the science of innovation and designing AI based solutions for problems in business.

He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara. Before joining UCSB, he got his Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Automation (CSA) Department from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Alfiya Masalawala

Current Position: Homemaker

Topic: Dynamic Mechanism Design for Sponsored Search Auctions. July 2011.

Alfiya has worked as a researcher in IBM labs, India and TRDDC, Pune. She worked in areas of machine learning, time series forecasting, privacy and security and optimization. Her interest areas are mathematical modelling and machine learning.

Premm Raj H

Current Position: Product Manager @ Neustar

Topic: Influence Limitation in Multi-Campaign Social Networks: A Shapley Value Based Approach, July 2011.

Premm is currently working as Product Manager with Neustar Customer Analytics team. Premm draws his expertise from Big Data and Analytics, Digital marketing, Social Media management, Machine Learning, E-Commerce, Distributed Cluster computing, and Cloud computing technologies. Premm is felicitated with multiple awards including a CEO Award for outstanding contribution to Neustar, Leadership Award, multiple Star Awards, Customer Delight Award and Industry Leadership Award, multiple Excellence Citations throughout his career.
Premm has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and M.Tech from IISc Bangalore (CSA Dept.). Premm is recognised by NASSCOM & MeitY as Subject Matter Expert and Technical Guru in BigData Analytics.

D. Venkata Satya Kiran

Topic: Two Sided Matching Algorithms with Strategic Agents. July 2011.

S. Jyothika

Topic: Computation of Shapley Value in Monotone Convex Games and Application to Clustering, July 2011.

Mayur Mohite

Topic: Incentive Compatible Information Diffusion in Social Networks. July 2010.

Devansh Dikshit

Topic: Quality Conscious and Truthful Query Incentive Networks. July 2009.

Chaitanya Nittala

Current Position: Staff ML Engineer at Twitter

Topic: Optimal Equilibrium Bidding Strategies for Budget Constrained Bidders in Sponsored Search Auctions. July 2009.

Chaitanya graduated from the lab in 2009 and since then has worked in Ads and eCommerce domains in Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon and is currently with Twitter as Staff ML Engineer

Sriram Somanchi

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at Mendoza College of Business

Topic: A Novel Cooperative Bid Optimizer for Sponsored Search Auctions. July 2008.


Sriram Somanchi is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at Mendoza College of Business. His research focuses on bridging the gap between machine learning and social science problems. His interests include developing computationally efficient statistical machine learning algorithms for pattern detection in massive, complex data and demonstrating the practical utility of applying these approaches to real-world problems. He has worked in the area of event and pattern detection in the domains of disease surveillance, clinical health, finance and law enforcement. Somanchi also is interested in leading the development of machine learning and data-mining methods to enable data-driven decision making in organizations and public policy agencies.

Somanchi has a PhD in Information Systems and Management from Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a graduate from Machine Learning Department at CMU, and earned an M.E in computer science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Kota Nagaraj

Topic: Threshold Behavior in Query Incentive Power Law Networks. July 2008.

B. Prashanth

Current Position: Research Engineer, Facebook

Topic: Efficient Algorithms for Web Service Composition. July 2008.

Prashanth has worked in Game Theory & E-Commerce areas during his masters in 2008 and published a paper titled “Efficient Algorithms for Combinatorial Auctions with Volume Discounts Arising in Web Service Composition” as part of his ME thesis. After his ME, he has been working in various organizations in India & USA in the areas of developing large scale distributed system applications. Currently he lives in Seattle, USA and works at Facebook.

Bellur Ashwin

Current Position: Manager, Oracle

Topic: Cost Sharing Mechanisms for Business Clusters with Strategic Firms. July 2008.

Ashwin, at Oracle, works on building the technology for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and also responsible for migrating EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He has a passion for designing and implementing algorithms. He mentors budding engineers and helps them advance their career. When not at work, he plays with his daughter, Sonakshi.

Nikesh Kumar Srivastava

Current Position: Head of Data Science - TATA AIG

Topic: Incentive Compatible Mechanisms for Decentralized Supply Chain Formation. July 2007.

Nikesh has over 13+ years of work experience with organizations like ZS Associate,Walmart Lab, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard & Innovation Labs 247 Customers. Nikesh has holds Bachelor of Technology from National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology Ranchi and Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He holds expertise in both project management and mathematics modeling using Machine learning ,large scale optimization, high performance computing, forecasting and Artificial Intelligence(AI) .
Nikesh is married to Anshu Srivastava who is homemaker.
He loves swimming, spending time with family

Achievements: The Economic Times Digital Warriors 2021 Awards : Most Disruptive Deployment Award 3 patents in area of Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, and Forecasting Digital Disruption Award 2020 for Market optimization application at Walmart Lab

Santosh Srinivas

Topic: A Core and Shapley Value Analysis of Cooperative Bidding in Sponsored Search Auctions. July 2007.

Raghav Kumar Gautam

Current Position: Software Engineer, Uber

Topic: Optimal Auctions for Multi-Unit and Combinatorial Procurement. July 2007.

Megha Mohabey

Current Position: Senior Software Engineer, Google USA

Topic: A Combinatorial Auction Approach to QOS-Aware and Interface-Aware Web Services Composition. July 2007.

Megha works on question answering products on Search. She works on natural language understanding algorithms, serving, UI and analysis.

R. Radhanikanth

Topic: Auction Based Mechanisms for Resource Selection in Computational Grids. June 2006.

V. Sowjanya Lakshmi

Topic: NICE: Novel Iterative Combinatorial Exchanges. June 2006.

S. Sivasankar Reddy

Topic: Design of an Optimal Mechanism and Learning Optimal Bid Prices in Sponsored Search Auctions. June 2006.

M. Kalyan Chakravarthi

Topic: NECTAR: Nash Equilibria Computation Resource. June 2006.

M.D. Srinivasulu

Topic: SEMPA: A Simulation Environment for Markets and Pricing Algorithms. June 2005.

Mukti Jain

Topic: Implementation of Algorithms for Computing Nash Equilibria in Noncooperative Games. June 2005

Durgesh Kumar Verma

Topic: Optimization Models for Multiattribute Auctions and Exchanges. June 2005.

Madhuri Sakhare

Topic: Software Design and Implementation of Electronic Logistics Exchanges. June 2005.

Ch. Kalyan

Topic: EPSILON: A New Generation E-Procurement Tool. June 2004


Topic: MCMC Based Algorithms for Combinatorial Auctions and Exchanges. June 2004.

Maria Praveen Kumar

Topic: Design and Implementation of a Private Marketplace for Electronic Procurement. January 2002.

Abhijit Chowdhury

Topic: An Object Oriented Framework for Multi-Agent Systems. January 2002.

Satyendra Bhaisare

Topic: A Testbed for Rosettanet. January 2002.

Amit Kamboj

Topic: Design of Six Sigma Supply Chains using Motorola Six Sigma Approach. May 2002.

Sanjay Kumar Linda

Topic: Simulation Based Design Optimization of Supply Chains. March 2001.

Chandrasekhar Singh

Topic: Optimal Planning of Auction Based Inventory Management. January 2001.

P. Shobhit

Topic: ACF: Agent Communication Framework. January 2001.

V. Diwakara Rao

Topic: Load Testing of Web Servers. January 2001.

Subrahmanyam Manuguri

Current Position: Director R&D in VMware Inc

Delivering next generation security products for virtualized data centers running in the multi-cloud environments and on-premises of customers. Product services range from basic L4 firewall to Anti-malware and sandboxing services.

Sudheer Peddireddy

Current Position: Software Engineer @Facebook

Topic: SC-PROMISE: Supply Chain Process Modeling and Simulation Environment. January 2000.

He is originally from Warangal, Telangana, currently residing in Fremont, CA. Currently working at Facebook. Earlier worked at Life360, Good Technology, Samsung & Wipro, mostly on Mobile software especially Android. Enjoys Yoga & Hiking. Attempted cow based organic farming and enthusiastic about it.

Y. Hari Krishna

Current Position: Sr Director, Head of Device Management R&D, Nokia USA

Topic: Object Oriented Building Blocks for Supply Chain Simulation, January 2000.

I am Harikrishna, and I currently lead Device Management R&D and Architecture team. I have a Masters in System Science and Automation from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. I have a Strong background in the telecommunications industry with overall experience spanning about 23 years. I’ve worked in software development, system architecture design, program management, technical support and have led Care & Services organizations in multiple domains like Core Networks including Subscriber Data Management and Mobility Management, Network management, Digital Business, and Digital Intelligence.

I have strong leadership skills with experience in both Product Development and Care having led multiple large teams located across the globe, driving them to work together to achieve Best-in-Class results. While in R&D I’ve had multiple (5) patents accepted in the call processing area, led the distributed architecture development work on Home Location Register, and received multiple STAR performer awards. I’ve also had customer facing experience for critical (sensitive/upcoming) customer projects and issues even travelling onsite to customer locations like Zain Kuwait, Telkomcel Indonesia, Vodafone Egypt, Safaricom Kenya, T-Mobile USA, VZ USA, etc.

Jeevan Kumar Rathod

Topic: A Graphical User Interface for SC-PROMISE. January 2000.

Rajarshi Bhattacharya

Topic: Design of Synchronized Supply Chains: A Six Sigma Tolerancing Approach. January 2000.

Ravi U. Koti

Topic: SIMHA: A Simulation Environment for Internet Auctions. January 2000.

Rajni Kant Lal

Topic: AHA: An Internet Auction House Application Server. January 2000.

Devendra Garg

Topic: Design of a Business Process Performance Measurement System using IBM San Fransisco Framework.

B.Madhusudhan Rao

Topic: Implementation of Transactions using IBM SanFrancisco Framework. March 1999.

K. Chandra Mohan

Topic: An Object Oriented Project Management System. January 1997.

P. Nagaraju

Topic: Analytical and Object Oriented Process Models for Software Product Development. January 1997.

Suthindran Guru Rao

Current Position: CEO

Business and Technology visionary with outstanding leadership skills. Executive and hands on experience driving revenue and cost savings by leveraging leading edge technology.

25+ years of experience in developing high performance technology organizations.
Transformational leader with capability to drive cultural and organizational change.

Innovative product development, incubation of new products and technologies, sourcing, web and mobile technology development for high end transaction system.

V. Kiran Kumar

Topic: Queueing Network Models of New Product Development, January 1996.

Raja Mahesh

Topic: A Software Package for Simulation of Non-Stationary Models. June 1995 (Integrated ME).

C. Sridhar

Topic: Analysis of Scheduling Policies in Re-Entrant Manufacturing Systems, June 1994 (Integrated ME).

Manoj Singh Gaur

Current Position: Director, IIT Jammu

Topic: Transient Analysis of Markovian Queueing Models, January 1994.

Prof. Manoj Singh Gaur is the founder Director, Indian Institute of Technology Jammu from 30 June, 2017. Prof Gaur has joined IIT Jammu with leave on deputation as a Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India. Prior to Director, IIT Jammu, he was Professor In Charge (Coordinator) of IIIT Kota, which was mentored by MNIT Jaipur. He was Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department at MNIT Jaipur for three terms. He has been Dean (Students Welfare) and Head, Central Computer Centre at MNIT Jaipur as well. He completed his Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and PhD from University of Southampton, UK. In his teaching and research career, he has been Investigator of a large number of funded research projects in the area of Information Security and Networks on Chip. He has been part of core group of Project ISEA which is a major multi Institutional project in the domain of Information Security in India. His current research areas include Computer and Network Security, Mobile Platform Security, Cloud Security, Malware Analysis, Networks-on-Chip, and SDN. He has been engaged in a large number of international collaborations from UK, France, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and USA. He has supervised Twenty Two PhDs till date and currently four research scholars are working in with him. Out of his research, he has published more than 180 papers in reputed journals and conferences

Venkateshwara Sastry

Current Position: Engineering Manager, DZSi

Topic: Performance Analysis of Brownian Scheduling Policies, January 1994.

Venkateshwara Sastry completed his M.E. from IISc, in the year 1994 in the department of CS&A. Since then he has worked in many multi-national companies like, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, etc. in many technical and leadership positions. He worked extensively in developing Mobile Internet Technology and contributed to many standard bodies like IETF, WiMAX and 3GPP2. Currently, he is working on Network Orchestration and Data Analytics in DZSi.

R. Srigopal

Topic: Scheduling Multiclass Production Systems Using Lagrangian Relaxation, January 1994.

P. Sundararajan

Topic: Performability Analysis of Fork-Join Queueing Systems, June 1992 (Integrated ME).

R. Anandha

Topic: An Advanced Simualation Package for Automated Manufacturing Systems, June 1992 (Integrated ME).


Topic: Object-Oriented Modelling and Simulation of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, January 1992.

Ch. Srinivasan

Topic: Simualation Analysis of Kanban Systems, January 1992.

S. Naresh Babu

Topic: Performability Evaluation of Failure-Prone Manufacturing Systems, January 1992.

B. Vijaykumar

Topic: Modelling and Performance Analysis of Kanban Systems, January 1991.

P. Hanumantha Rao

Topic: Integrated Analytical Models for Automated Manufacturing Systems, January 1991.

M. S. Manjunath

Topic: Transient Analysis of Automated Manufacturing Systems, January 1991.


Topic: Object-Oriented Simulation of Automated Manufacturing Systems, January 1991.

Abhijit Rashingkar

Topic: Object-Oriented Simulation of Versatile Machine Centres, January 1991.

Hemant Shah

Topic: Quantitative Analysis of Deadlocks, January 1991.

N. R. Ramesh

Topic: Integrated Performance Modelling Using Queueing Networks and Stochastic Petri Nets, January 1990.

R. B. Kohad

Topic: Performability Computation Using Stochastic Petri Nets, January 1990.

K. Ramakrishna

Topic: Algorithms and Distributed Implementation for Petri Net-Based Simulation, January 1990.

N. Nithya

Topic: Closed Queueing Networks with Blocking, January 1990.

N. V. Subba Reddy

Current Position: Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Topic: Discrete Event Simulation Using Petri Nets, June 1989.

N.V. Subba Reddy has worked as professor and Head of the Department, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, at Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE Deemed University. He was the Associate Director, R & D, at MIT, Manipal;  Director, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, and the Vice Chancellor, Mody University (MITS Deemed to be University), Rajasthan.

Currently, he is working as a Professor, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Head of the Department Information Technology, at Manipal Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, MAHE Deemed to be University.

His research interests are in Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, and Computer Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, Document Image Processing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Character Recognition, Cursive Script Recognition, and Image Processing.

He has guided 10 PhD scholars.

He has worked in several administrative roles in different Universities and technical bodies and has also been instrumental in establishing centers of Excellence and implementing MOU’s of government bodies, industries and reputed Universities outside India. He has established dual degree programs with some of the Universities of USA, Canada, Switzerland, and France.
His awards and honors include Special Bharat Jyoti Award 2011 (India International Friendship Society) for excellent contribution to the field of Education, and a plaque of appreciation (Bar Council of India, Government of India) for successfully implementing new initiatives of Bar Council of India Trust, in the University. He is the recipient of Best Paper Award for the session “Intelligent Systems and Tools”, in the 8th World Multi-conference on Systemic, Cybernetics and Informatics, held in Orlando, Florida, USA. He has authored a textbook on Object Oriented Programming Using C++ and VC++.

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