E1:254 Game Theory

  • Input:
          A finite n-player strategic form game in GAMBIT format

  • Output:
          All strongly dominant strategies
          All weakly dominant strategies
          All very weakly dominant strategies
          Strongly dominant strategy equilibrium, if one exists
          Weakly dominant strategy equilibrium, if one exists
          Very Weakly dominant strategy equilibrium, if one exists
          All pure strategy Nash Equilibria, if they exist

  • Contact points:
          Satyanath Bhat (satyanath.bhat AT csa DOT iisc DOT ernet DOT in)
          Swapnil Dhamal (swapnil.dhamal AT csa DOT iisc DOT ernet DOT in)

  • Input Format:

    You are required to use the input format of GAMBIT for your assignment. Such input formats can be generated using GAMUT software. Use the following link to download GAMUT:


    The following command generates an example input file with 4 actions for each player:

    java -jar gamut.jar -g RandomZeroSum -actions 4 4 -f zero-sum-game1 -output GambitOutput

    Here "zero-sum-game1" is the file that contains the generated zero sum game in GAMBIT format. An example for zero sum game generated in this way is zero-sum-game1. Please read the documentation of GAMUT for more information.

  • Programming Environment:
          The program must be in C or C++ or Java. No other language is allowed.

  • Assessment Criteria:
    The following will be the percentage weightage for different aspects of the assignment:
          Use of intelligent algorithms, quality of code, documentation : 20
          Use of innovative data structures, scalability of the program : 20
          Correctness : 20
          Completeness : 20
          Response to on-line questions : 20

  • Due Date:
          February 07, 2014, 23:59:59 IST

  • Submission:
  • Submission Page:
    Submission deadline is over!