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Seven generic mission areas were supported under Phase I of TDM (1994-1999):

Mission 1: Food Processing Engineering
Mission 2: Integrated Design and Competitive Manufacturing
Mission 3: Photonic Devices and Technologies
Mission 4: Energy Efficient Technologies and Devices
Mission 5: Communication Networking and Intelligent Automation
Mission 6: New Materials
Mission 7: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

The total budged of all TDM projects in Phase I was Rs. 5020.34 lakhs, out of which the Industry contribution was Rs.859.75 lakhs. The responsibility of coordinating the activities of a particular mission was given to a particular Institute, called the lead institute. A large number of projects with direct involvement of industries were undertaken under the different Mission Programmes. Most of these projects were completed achieving the targets in terms of deliverables. Phase I resulted in the development and transfer of several technologies.

Some of the technologies developed in phase-I include: automation of power distribution, an immunodiagonistic test for AIDS, vaccine for Hepatitis B, supercritical fluid extraction technology, controlled atmosphere storage technology for food grains, the first 50 kg payload robot, automated monitoring systems, a novel Growtek bioreactor for cost-effective plant tissue culture etc.

The overall success of TDM-I was highly appreciated in the National Steering Committee meeting of the Planning Commission held on August 06, 1999 at New Delhi.

The TDM Phase I experience was unique and empowering and as it achieved powerful collaborations involving multi-institute, multi-industry and the government that has produced some very useful technologies for our country. Encouraged by the success of TDM Phase I, the Phase II of TDM is currently being actively explored.