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Objectives: Disasters are the outcome of natural calamities in the form of earthquakes, cyclones, and floods resulting in widespread damage to life and property. This Mission for development of technologies for the mitigation and management of these disasters aims at minimizing the damage at the time of their occurrence and immediately thereafter, especially in rural areas where there is already serious shortage of resources and facilities. Although Home Ministry has embarked on an initiative to mitigate consequences of natural disasters, through this mission for technology development, these premier technical institutions of the country shall strive to fulfill their societal obligation for disaster mitigation through development of technologies that would mitigate impact of natural disasters through pre and post disaster mitigation technologies and decision support systems. This would reduce the cost of disaster relief measures and betterment of the life of the people subjected to natural calamities.

Scope: The proposed work involves research and technology development in these areas, involving:

The work will also involve formulation of mitigation and management strategies, socio-psychological management of trauma and development of early warning systems for these disasters.

Deliverables: The deliverables from this mission shall include:

Impact: These are expected to have substantial impact on the future strategies, design and retrofitting methodologies for disaster mitigation and management of natural calamities.