The term paper is  meant to be a state-of-the-art overview of the topic.  It should introduce the reader to the topic in a user-friendly way, bring out all important conceptual underpinnings,  provide a description of  important tools and techniques for solving the problem, and include a  compilation of all important reference papers and web sites.

Here is a  typical outline of a sample term paper:

Analysis and Design of Six Sigma Supply Chains

  0. Abstract

  1. Introduction

This will talk about important performance metrics in supply chains and highlight the importance of delivery performance.  This section will also provide an outline of the term paper.
  2. Six Sigma Approach to Design
This section will introduce the six sigma approach and outline all the conceptual foundations such as process capabilities. It will also provide a  precise description of  analyais and design using this approach. In other words, this will be a precise, user-friendly summary of Motorola reports
  3. Analysis of Supply Chain Delivery Performance
This will talk about the exact methodology and the computational issues, with an appropriate example
  4. Design of Six Sigma Supply Chains
This will talk about the exact methodology and computational issues, with examples
  5. Outline of the Software Package
A one page, input-output specification of the package
  6. Summary and Future Work

  7. References

You may like to annotate important references

The length of the paper should be about 12-15 pages in the Latex style that is provided below.  Try to include as many illustrations as possible.

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