E1 234  SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT : Useful Web Resources

Papers, Articles & Reports
Electronic Commerce and Supply Chain Management, Papers from Thirty-third Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS), Maui, HI - January 4 - 7, 2000
Logistics/Supply Chain Management White Papers from Logistics.about.com
The Supply Chain Network in a Component Environment, Gek Woo Tan, Michael J. Shaw
Business Process Redesign: An Overview, Yogesh Malhotra
The ABCs of ERP, Compiled from reports by Christopher Koch, Derek Slater and E. Baatz
The ABC of EDI
B2B or not 2B
SCM Courses Elsewhere
Supply Chain Management Education, Research & Symposia at MIT
Optimizing the Supply Chain, Certificate Course offered by MIT
Cranfield Centre for Logistics & Transportation, Cranfield University
Supply Chain Management Center, University of Maryland
ASU MBA Full-time Program: Supply Chain Management Specialization, 2000-2001
Supply Chain Management, Humber College
Supply Chain Management Track, Texaz A&M University
Other Useful Links
Supply Chain Management Resource Webpage
Electronic Commerce & Electronic Data Interchange: Internet Resources, A GGU University Library Guide
Links to Various Vendors
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