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9.6.1 Algorithm:

To sort the records a[i], a[i + 1],..., a[j], in place.
quicksort (i, j)


        if (a[i] ... a[j] contain at least two distinct keys)


                let v be the larger of the first two distinct keys;

                Partition a[i] ... a[j] so that for some k between i + 1 and j,

a[i] ... a[k - 1] all have keys <v, and

a[k] ... a[j] all have keys $ \geq$v;

                quicksort (i, k - 1);

                    quicksort (k, j);



$\displaystyle \underbrace{a[i] \space \cdots \space a[k-1]}_{\mbox{keys} \space < v}^{}\,$$\displaystyle \underbrace{a[k] \space \cdots \space a[j]}_{\mbox{keys} \space \geq v}^{}\,$
v is called the pivot. It could be any element such that the resulting partition desirably has two equal sized groups.