N. Viswanadham
  INAE Distinguished Professor
  Indian Institute of Science

N Viswanadham is INAE Distinguished Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has held several prestigious positions before such as the Executive Director for The Centre for Global Logistics and Manufacturing Strategies (GLAMS) at the Indian School of Business (ISB), also in-charge for the ISB-IBM collaboratory on Service Sciences; Deputy Executive Director of The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific and also Professor in Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering at the National University of Singapore during 1998-2005; GE Research Fellow during 1989-90 and Tata Chemicals Chair Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

He is also the recipient of the 1996 IISc Alumni award for excellence in research. Professor Viswanadham won the IBM faculty award in 2006. He was conferred the Distinguished Alumni Award for the year 2009 by the Council of the Indian Institute of Science.

He is a member of Board of Governors of NIT Warangal.

N. Viswanadham is a Fellow of the IEEE. He is also a Fellow of Indian National Science Academy, Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Academy of Engineering, and Third World Academy of Sciences. He was Editor-In-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Automation Sciences and Engineering during 2008-2011.

Professor Viswanadham has contributed significantly to the area of automation, and in particular, supply chain automation. He is the author of three textbooks, eight edited volumes, over hundred journal articles and more than hundred conference papers on Automation. His current research interests include Logistics and Global Manufacturing and Service Networks. He has developed an ecosystem framework for the analysis and design of integrated manufacturing and service supply chain networks. He has deeply studied and written thought leadership papers on emerging market supply chains and rural supply chains.