• DSA Material by NIST
    This web site consists of Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures and problems by NIST. It also contains excellent demonstrations of different kinds of sorting algorithms by using java applets. Many other demos like binary search, bubble sorting etc .. are also present.

  • DSA digital library
    This web site has a digital library that consists of different links to DSA material by IEEE, Bibliography on algorithms and JAWAA (Java and Web based algorithm animation) home page. Consists of excellent examples of java-based algorithm animations.

  • DSA Course Material by University of Western Australia
    This site provides the DSA course material by University of Western Australia. The material covers the topics like Data Structures, Programming strategies, searching, sorting and dynamic algorithms etc.. Various algorithms are also explaineed my means of animation.

  • DSA Material with object-oriented design patterns
    This site gives the online DSA book with object-oriented design patterns in java by University of Waterloo. The algorithms and data structures in the book are presented in the Java programming language. Good exercise and projects are given at the end of each chapter.

  • DSA Material by Brown University
    This site gives link to DSA text book provided by Centre for Geometric Computing, Brown University. Contains links to animations and demonstractions of different data structures and algorithms. This book provide a link to cool applets page related to DSA.

  • DSA Material by Programmers Oasis
    Excellent and various links to DSA by Programmers Oasis. This web site consists of different links to Genetic algorithms, Graphics algorithms, sorting and miscellenious algorithms and Data structures sits. This site also has links to DSA problems solved with C++

  • DSA Material by Heriot Watt University, UK
    DSA course material offered by Heriot Watt University, UK. Material contains topics like Graph algorithms, string processing algorithms, geometric algorithms and general methods for developing algorithms.

  • DSA Material by Multimedia University, Malasia
    Excellent demonstrations of DSA by using java applets provided by R. Mukundan, Multimedia University, Malasia. This site explains the topics like sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, stacks and queues, linked lists, binary trees etc.. with the help of java applets.

  • Online DSA Text Book
    Text book of DSA in java by Roberto Tamassia, Brown University. The material is available in post script view. Also has interactive demos.

  • DSA Material by University of Newcastle
    DSA course material by Department of Computing Science, University of Newcastle, UK. The fundamentals of DSA are explained.

  • DSA Material by Karlsruhe Library
    Link to the Karlsruhe library of algorithms and Data structures(karla). Karla is an object-origented library of data structures and algorithms designed for use. It provides a reliable object oriented library DSA.

  • DSA Course Material by Max-planck-Institute for Informatics
    DSA course material by Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics, Germany. The related topics like sorting, searching, Graph algorithms, multi-dimentional searching and coomputational Geometry are available in post script form.

  • DSA Text book
    Text book of DSA by Addison-Wesley company.

  • DSA links
    General links to DSA

  • DSA Course
    DSA Course Information available here.

  • DSA assignments
    DSA assignments offered at McGill University, Canada

  • DSA Course work
    Course work and Lecture notes on DSA at Milwaukee school of engineering

  • DSA Material by University of California
    This web site gives the material on Combinatorial Algorithms and data structures by University of California, Berkley. It consists of excellent lectures on DSA.

  • Hand Book of DSA
    Hand book of DSA that contains various problem links to DSA related topics.

  • Research group on DSA
    Link to Research group on DSA consists of a slide show to explain the concepts of DSA.